Are you a lay leader for a congregation which has called or is calling a pastor who will be serving in that for the first time?

New resources are being developed to help with the transition from seminary to a first call in ministry. Members of the SW Association that are working on this are: Rev. Mark Yurs, Rev. Leslie Schenk, Dave Pearson and Rev. Joanne Thomson.

New Process for Licensed Ministry

The Southwest Association, along with the three other Associations in the Wisconsin Conference, has adopted a new process for licensed ministry. Both the Conference Commission on Church and Ministry and our national MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization) team have developed a new framework for understanding licensed ministry. Licensed ministry has become in many cases an ongoing vocation rather than a temporary stopgap when ordained leadership is not available. The kind of discernment that we expect of local churches, candidates, and Church and Ministry with respect to ordination has been adapted for the process of licensing. Divisions of Church and Ministry now look to The Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers in order to evaluate candidates’ gifts and call. We encourage you to take a look at to learn more about the changes affecting the authorization of ministry in the United Church of Christ.